Wesbite Design

NJM Consultants offers its services to all sizes of businesses looking to establish or enhance their presence on the web. We offer each client a custom-built website based upon their specific requirements, long or short term website maintenance or as an option, the necessary training to handle maintenance in-house.

Our clients include:

  • hotels, pubs & bed & breakfasts
  • retail food manufacturers
  • educational institutions
  • mineral & exploration firms
  • manufacturers & industrial product suppliers
  • builders & construction suppliers
  • photographers
  • artists
  • training consultants
  • marketing firms
  • car retailers & engine suppliers
  • medical supply houses
  • stationery suppliers
  • professional printing companies
  • garden centres & landscape designers

The services we offer include:

  • "brochure" websites to advertise your business
  • e-commerce for large & small retailers
  • database websites for managing information
  • enhanced interactive websites for providing unique online services
  • websites that adhere to the W3C Accessibility Guidelines
  • websites that are Search Engine Optimised to increase your online visibility
  • complimentary services to extend your brand through all mediums

Website Development Team

The NJM Consultants team has over 18 years experience developing websites for a variety of clients ranging from large financial organizations to small builders and local car dealerships. Regardless of the size of the site, our designs are creative and topical, fast loading, and have clean, concise easy-to-use navigation.

Our Development Partners

NJM Consultants also works with a variety of other companies in reciprocal agreements. For example we develop sites for graphic design firms that do not have the in-house skills to take their designs onto the web. In other cases we work with companies that specialize in a particular skill, such as Virtual Reality Imaging to allow us to provide a large variety of website solutions for our clients.

If you are interested in working in partnership with us, please let us know!

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