E-commerce (electronic commerce) is a term that refers to websites that allow customers to purchase products or services online.

The main advantages of using e-commerce on your website are:

  • your customers can shop at their convenience from home or work
  • you reach a wider customer base then a conventional store or shop
  • you can fulfill orders outside the 9-5 working hours if it's more convenient for you
  • you build up a database of customers for email and postal newsletters, flyers or special offers
  • you can reduce overhead on shop front over the long term
  • you establish loyalty among customers by providing a service your competitors might not
  • you can run a second "online only" business from your home in your spare time

NJM Consultants can help to expand your website from a purely information dispensing site into a powerful selling tool.

To keep costs down, we use several off-the-shelf e-commerce software packages, such as WooCommerce / X-CART, Magento & Zen Cart, to run the shopping cart system on your site. The software package we recommend will be geared towards what type of site you have, how you want to present your products or services, and what level of sophistication you require in the software. We can then customise the way the software presents your information so that you can have a seamless transition between the non-shopping portion of your site, and the shopping portion.

We have used e-commerce solutions for a variety of products and services, including:

  • selling online training courses
  • selling user customised paraphernalia
  • selling computer equipment, sport accessories, medical supplies & supplies to the entertainment industry

EPOS Integration

We are also able to integrate E-commerce websites into your shop's EPOS till.

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