What is Search Engine Optimisation or "SEO"?

Plainly speaking - this is what we do to your site to give you a better chance of being listed in the Search Engines such as Google, Bing etc. The easier your site is to find, the more people who will know about the products and services you offer. This in turn gives you more opportunities to generate sales for your business.

Our Search Engine Optimisation Strategy

NJM Consultants has adopted a strategy for building websites in such a way that will make it easier for the Search Engines to read the site and index it appropriately in the search results.

If and when this strategy proves to be insufficient to list your site - such as instances where you have a lot of competition for your products and services within your specific geographical region, we can make recommendations for more aggressive strategies. This typically involves paying for advertising (adwords) on the search engines of your choice, or working with a specialist company to ensure your site has the best possible chance of being listed.

There is never any guarantee of a certain ranking with your listing - as we do not have control over how the search engine companies conduct their business', but we can do our best to "follow their known rules" so that you have a better opportunity at gaining a good listing.

We also offer a specialist service to maximise your search strategy for Google and Bing as these two are the main search websites at present.

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